1st Outing with Dark Peak Fell Runners

Distance - 6.1 miles
Ascent - 1,439 feet
Moving Time - 1hr 26min
Avg Pace - 14:08 min mile
Calories - 1,237

This was my first ever proper fell fun out with a club called Dark Peak Fell Runners,  a few email's to the club chairman about going along with them turned into me joining them in a club fell race. I had arranged to run with him with the slower group as I had no previous experience of racing.
A night race that started from the Fairhomes car park, we were given 4 check points that we had to visit with no set route the only rule was to get to the check points as quick as possible visiting each of the check points.
It was great evening to be out on the hill with a full to help light up the moors,  running over the open moors with only our head touches to guide us it was hard to see where we was going without  falling down the bogs,  streams and tripping over the heather this  did get a little bit frustrating but they appeared far too quick to alter our course.

This was a really tough route which was only 6 miles long but the terrain made it really hard going with the added navigation made a really good training run. I found it really hard to run over the open moors and navigate while maintaining a good pace.
When you have nothing to see the little details on the map really do seem to stand out a little more so of the little details on the map that I don’t normally use to help me when navigating mad a big difference when out in the dark. I’m looking forward to getting out with them a little more.


  1. I am never going to fell run in my life, but it's interesting reading what you write. Keep it up Daniel.

    1. Thanks glad your enjoying reading my blog trying to keep up to date as possible but its hard finding time when I'm not training.

  2. sounds scary stuff to me - I do admire fell runners - amazing how they just fly down a mountain, so confident in their footing - I'm reading a book called Feet in the Clouds at the moment, brilliant!

  3. thanks will have to check the book out. Its all good untill you take a fall lol