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Peak District - Edale Skyline 06/10/2012

Distance – 21miles
Ascent – 4371feet
Time – 3hr 58min

The route – Edale - Ringing Roger – Hope Cross – Win Hill – Lose Hill – Mam Tor – Rushup Edge – Brown Knoll – Crowden Tower – Nether Tor – The Nab – Edale
Map of the route

With all the training I have been putting in ready for next year’s big challenge I decided it was time to put my training plan to the test to see if it was working or if there needed to be any tweaks before it was too late. The challenge I decided on was the Edale Skyline the most I have been running in the Peak District was 13 miles so this route was going to be a good test.
Arriving in Edale I managed to get the last free parking space outside of the school. I started off with a light jog to loosen me legs up and get my body warmed up but as I started to make my way up the Nab on to Kinder Scout my legs were feeling really heavy and wasn’t sure how they were going to hold up.

Once up on the edge path my legs didn’t seem to get any better so I was starting to become a little worried has I had only just set off. Luckily as I left Kinder Scout and headed towards Hope Cross they freed off and I was running freely and able to pick up the pace making up some of the lost time, managing to summit Win Hill without breaking stride where there was an addition of a Red Bull compass to the trig point.

On the decent of Win Hill I took my first fall having 2 dogs pulling me down a slippery hill didn’t give me much chance of staying on my feet when it came to stopping but managed to bounce back up onto my feet and headed off to what was going to be the hardest climb of the day. Climbing Lose Hill took a lot out of my legs and had to walk most of it, I stopped on the summit for a short break before setting off at a good pace along the Great Ridge.

As I approached the path leading off to Brown Knoll I could see how boggy this section was going to be so decided to try an energy gel before tackling it. My legs were taking a rite beating over this boggy ground trying to jump over the bogs then losing my feet down the next bog and by the time a reached Edale Cross my legs were shot and starting to cramp.
But with only a few miles left a managed to keep going at jogging pace but when it came to descending of Kinder Scout my legs were like jelly and struggling to keep them moving but managed to keep shuffling them along. I was so glad to finally make it back to the car and I managed just to sneak in under the 4hr mark.
Sorry about all the pics being small Blogger will not let me change the size of my picture when I'm adding them hopfully I will hav this sorted soon!


  1. A great walk and one fine round. Not sure your ascent figures add up. How have you calculated them?

  2. Thanks, the figures come from a Garmin GPS that was reset before the walk and also they did match up with a challenge walks book I got the route out of. What makes you think they are wrong?