Peak District - Around Kinders Edge 26/08/2012

 Distance - 17.6miles
Ascent - 3512feet
Time - 5hrs 20min

Route -  Edale - Grindslow Knoll - Crowden Tower - Edale Cross - Kinderlow End - Cluther Rocks -  Kinder Downfall - The Edge - Seal Stones - Madwomans Stones - Ringing Roger - The Nab - Edale

This was the first attempt on doing a bit of running while out in the hill, this is a route I had wanted to do for a while and a chance to visit an area of Kinder Scout I had never been to before. Even though I was thinking of doing some running I went in my walking gear and packed way to heavy. Running in the hills is an all new area to me and I’m on a steep learning curve having signed up to run 100 miles in the Lake District. 

My route took me up on to Kinder via Grindslow Knoll which was my only major ascent of the day from here my plan was to stick close to the path that follows the edge of the Kinder Scout. The first area I was looking forward to visit was Edale Cross then onto Kinderlow End two areas I had never visited before. I was trying to do as much running as possible as the path was pretty flat just very unsteady under foot but was finding difficult already even though I had been running three  times a week this was totally different from my local runs.

From Kinderlow there is a gentle incline up to Cluther Rocks with there was no way a could run my legs were already starting to feel heavy with my overweight pack and the ground being very wet and muddy.  Once back up onto the edge path it was going to be simple try and get the miles ticked off as quick as possible by running/walking as fast as a can without passing out.    

Running in my boots were giving me big blisters which did not help matters but I was still going at a good pace walking as fast as I could with the odd run.

I decided I would descend the Kinder Scout via The Nab where I managed to run all the way back to the car where I was pretty happy with 17miles in 5hrs 20min. learned a lot from this first time trying to run. There is a big difference from going out walking in the hills to running in them but I’m looking forward to learning.

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  1. keep it up mate, you will get fitter and fitter and soon build up more and more speed, it s just a matter of stickin to the plan :) Pretty damned good time already, i know i couldnt do that !!!!

    Dave Lakesnut