Lakeland 100 Training Update 1

I have been following my training plan for a few months now and its not leaving me much spare time with family life and trying to run 5 times a week its prity hard work so trying to find the time to keep my blog upto date is becoming more difficult. So I have come up with this idea of trying to update it once a week by useing links to my Strava Running App which records evey little detail of my runs and tells me how I get on ans if I trigger any segments which are like stage people have created. Any my big fell runs I will do a trip report. So let me know what you think to this idea?  

To view all the details from my runs all you will need to do is click on the date of the run and this will take you to my run on my Strava Dashboard.

After a much needed rest week I went into my block of 3 hard training weeks of running around 40 miles per week. 
  • Distance - 4.7miles
  • Ascent - 108feet
  • Moving Time - 33:31
  •  Avg Time - 07:10/min
  • Calories - 636
Going into this run I felt refreshed and was looking forward to getting out running again. I set off at a good pace and my app was giving me good feed back on my splits so I kept pushing hard and managed to get 6 new PB's and became kink of 2 segments.

  •  Distance - 7.3miles
  • Ascent - 391feet
  • Moving Time - 57:31
  • Avg Pace - 07:55/min
  • Calories - 998

  •  Distance - 4.7miles
  • Ascent - 282feet
  • Moving Time - 39:43
  • Avg Pace - 08:22/min
  • Calories - 656     
I found this run difficult as I had a works doo to attend before I could get out running so a all you can eat chinesee is never a good way to start a run but i did managed to get around with out bringing any of it back up. My pace was much slower than I would like it to have been but at least I was out.

Sat 20th - 10.2 mile run
  • Distance - 10.2miles
  • Ascent - 448feet
  • Moving Time - 01:18:15
  • Avg Pace - 07:29/min
  • Calories - 2,067
  • Distance - 14.3miles
  • Ascent - 1,417feet
  • Moving Time - 02:18:43
  • Avg Pace - 09:42/min 
  • Calories 2,067
I allways try to get out into the Peak District once at the week ends. I came up with this route that would be the perfect distance that my training plan required and a great fell run it was. I think it could have been the best one I have done so far, it had a little bit of everything. The mud is getting quite bad as the winter gets closer and my legs were starting to feel a little heavy on todays run but i think my fittness is getting there

All my runs have been tracked with the Strava Android App and I will be using this for every run so that all the data I use will be correct according to my app!


  1. Keep it up mate... we all rootin for you on walkersforum

    Cant believe you went out after a chinese :)

    dave lakesnut

    1. Thanks mate hoping i will be able to achive this. Trying really hard to stick to my training programe as i think this will be key to getting to where i want to be going into the event. unless i made a big cock up with the training plan lol

  2. Like Dave, I cannot believe you did a run after the chinese! But I am dead impressed with what you are doing. Awesome.