Peak District - Wildboar Clough 09/06/2012

Distance - 3.7miles
Ascent - 1051feet 
Time - 1hr 45mins

With a very poor weather forecast for today’s walk I decided to do a scramble that I have wanted to do for some time. With having the dogs I have never got around to do it so I decided to do a 13mile walk to find some plane wrecks then leave the dogs in back of the car while I did Wildboar Clough.
The weather had been really bad all day so I think the dogs were happy to get back to the car and wait while we tackled this scramble. We made our way along the Trans Pennine Trail to the sign marking the start of Wildboar Clough. The first part is through the wood area as the trees started to thin out we got are first view of the clough, the water was really high causing the water to be flowing really fast.

I think we both got a little bit excited about was laying a head and the water was going to make the experience all the better. As we dropped into the clough we realised how fast the water was flowing making the rocks very slippery.  Making are way up we had to be really careful on most of the sections as the conditions were making this scramble a lot more difficult than it would be in good weather. There were some really big waterfalls that we had to climb in the corners trying not to get washed down stream.

Finally we made it to the top. Looking back down the clough we was both really happy to have made it. I think we wouldn’t have been any drier if we had been swimming. With the bad weather we decided to get down as quick as possible and on the way up we noticed a fence running all the way down the hill side so we just followed thins back down to the Trans Pennine Trail  

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