Lake District - A Wasdale Round 03/06/2012

Distance - 16miles
Ascent -  9200feet
Time -  11hrs

Route - Wasdale Head - Yewbarrow - Red Pike - Scoat Fell - Steeple - Pillar - Kirk Fell - Great Gable - Corridoe Route - Scafell Pike - Lord's Rake - Sca Fell - Rakehead Crag - Wasdale Head 

Today’s walk started off by me having to be up just after 3am to be ready for the 4hrs 30min drive to Wasdale Head, after leaving the house at 4am we was ready to set off walking by 9am. We had a tough day planned and I was looking forward to tackling the Scafell group. A short road walk lead us to are first mountain Yewbarrow, the ascent was tough as from the road it was straight up without any rest as we got closer to the summit we followed the scree path up to the final scramble on to the summit really enjoyed climbing this mountain. It was looking like we was going to be lucky with the weather forecast.  The views from here are great overlooking Wast Water you can see for miles. Following the ridge to the tricky decent where I needed a little bit of help on the hardest sections to get the dogs down ok.
The view from the car park looking over to Scarfell

Climbing the 1st Wainwright of the day Yewbarrow

On the summit of Yewbarrow

Daisy on Yewbarrow

As soon as we descended the first mountain we had the ascent of Red Pike to tackle straight away, already warmed up we didn’t stop on this ascent and as we got closer to the summit I started to look for THE CHAIR but was unable to locate it. So if anyone knows where it is please let me know!
Looking down to Wasdale Head

As we approached Scoat Fell, Steeple came into view so we decided for the sake of 15mins we would bag the extra Wainwright. The wind starts to get really strong as we descended down to Wind Gap which was really living up to its name.  We didn’t get a break from the wind and was really pleased to see the summit shelter. We quickly took shelter and took the chance to get some dinner. We meet the first walker of the day and took the chance to get a pic of us.

The 3 of us on Pillar

Me Daisy and Ellie on the summit of Kirk Fell are 6th Wainwright of the day

Mark decided not to make the next summit of Kirk Fell which would be are 6th Wainwright of the day. We quickly bagged the summit and met Mark at the bottom of Great Gable. Mark decided that the lack of sleep and very long drive had got the better of him and decided to head back to the car. So me and Warren pressed on up to the summit of Great Gable which was tough going and the legs were starting to burn but the biggest was still to come.
Sign on top of Great Gable

Looking over to Lingmell Fell wish we had bagged this one as well

At the bottom of Great Gable we picked up the Corridor Route to take us to the summit of Scafell Pike and as we neared the summit my legs started to cramp so I needed to have a five minute rest and take some fluids on board. As the summit came into view the cloud started to roll in so we didn’t get any of the views. We was having a great day and with only one mountain left to bag before we could finish we pressed on.

The highest one of the day Scafell Pike

Setting the compass we headed for Sca Fell and to find Lord’s Rake which would be are way to the summit. We had so much fun climbing Lords Rake and  this  made a cracking way to end the day. The massive rock at the top didn’t look to safe and I wouldn’t like to be going up if that was to fall. Making the finaly push to the summit Warrens legs stared to go stiff but he was a happy chap to have Daiy pulling in to the summit.
On are way up Lords Rake to the summit of Sca Fell

Are final summit of the day Sca Fell and are 9th Wainwright

Looking back to the car at Wasdale Head

From the summit we descended the quickest way we could back to the car 11hrs after setting off and still a 4.5hr drive home.
Eventually I arrived home 22hrs after leaving but had one of the best days in the mountains and a fantastic route with 8 new Wainwright in the bag. I think this had got to be the best part of the Lake and I'm looking forward to getting back there.
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