National 3 Peaks 07/05/2010

On the 7th May i did the National 3 Peaks, i had not been walking for long but wanted to do something to remember. After looking through the internet searching for walking challenges. I decided to make this my first challenge walk. Way before i had ever thought about doing my blog thats why ther is no write up but was looking through some old pics and came across the pics from the day.

The 1st mountain we climbed was Ben Nevis

We arrived at Wasdale in the early hours of the morning to make are 2nd ascent of the day in the dark. As we reached the summit of Scafell Pike is sun was just rising.

We made are it to the start of the Lannberirs path with 5hrs to spare wich we was hoping was going to be enough time to make it to the summit and back to the car park where the challenge would be finished.

We completed the challenge in 23hrs 30min

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