Lake District - Troutbeck - Coniston 09/09/2012

Distance - 18.5 miles
Ascent - 3711 feet
Time -  6 hr 40min

Route - Troutbeck - Ambleside - Elterwater - Wall End - High Tilberthwaite - Conistion

When I finaly got back from fetching Dans car and my keys it was starting to get dark so we decided to call for some tea at the pub on the Kirkstone Pass which we both really enjoyed, from here we headed to get some sleep ready for our next big day.

We set off from Troutbeck with stiff legs, soure feet and 18miles back to the car we left in Coniston. We set off and a fast walking pace stretching our legs out untill we felt ok to start running but it wasn't long before Dan's knee trouble started to flair up again but was only hurting on the decents.

The last 20 miles of the 100 we will be doing are over mostly flat ground which hopfully will help us when we do the full 100 miles as when we reach this section are legs will be well and truly hurting.

The only problem is that the cut off times get shorter because of the flat sections but the great views will help us on are way and as long as we keep are legs moving I'm sure we will be ok.

A great 1st training weekend was really good to meet up with Dan to get his views of what he was expecting from the challenge and what is approach was going to be. We learned alot from are 1st weekend out running in the Lake District a big differance from walking.


  1. YOu guys are amazing, I ll keep me eyes out for next time you get out... we re all cheeerin you on on the walkersforum :) That is some serious mileage and ascent and plenty more to come eh... Onward and upward!

    Dave LakesNut

  2. Great stuff Dan, glad you doing it though and not me :)