Peak District - Longshaw Estate and Padley Gorge 29/04/2012

Distance – 8miles
Ascent – 1185feet
Time – 3hrs 5min

Route - Longshaw Estate - Grindleford Train Station - Bole Hill - Millstone Edge - Winyards Nick - Toad’s Mouth - Burbage Brook - Longshaw Estate  

The bad weather restricted where I would be able to get out walking, I decided to stay low in the valleys where hopefully I would be sheltered from the worst of the weather. As I pulled in the lay by the weather wasn’t looking that bad but I still had to get all my water proofs out, even the dogs coats went on from the off.

I set off through the Longshaw Estate where normally there are plenty people around but I was the only one around may be the only one daft enough to head out in that kind of weather. The rain was coming down hard but the visibility was good as I made my way towards the start of Padley Gorge. The water was coming down with some force due to the amout of rain we have been getting.

Heading to Millstone edge the wind started to get up as I gained height eventually the rain turned into hail stone which was making the walk very unpleasant but we battled on through hoping the weather would get better but it didn’t. I was hoping to go onto Stanadge Edge but the weather was too bad to I decided I would head back when I reached Winyard’s Nick. The dogs had their tails tucked between their legs so I’m sure there were pleased to be heading back to the car. 

April has been a rubbish month with all the bad weather. So I’m hoping the start of May will bring the sunshine back.  


  1. You're not wrong about the April weather, but at least you got out - well done.

  2. Thanks got out this week and the weather was much better. Will update the blog soon

  3. Yes...April was rubbish; unfortunately May hasn't been much better so far.

  4. I have been lucky with May weathere had 2 fantastic walks with great weather. Where you been out?