Peak District - Derwent Watershed 11/03/2012

Distance - 43miles
Ascent - 7500feet
Time - 18hrs 20min

Route - Yorkshire Bridge - Win Hill - Hope - Lose Hill - Mam Tor - Rushup Edge - Brown Knoll - Kinder Downfall - Mill Hill - Bleaklow Head - Bleaklow Stones - Howden Edge - Margery Hill - Back Tor - Wheel Stones - Moscar House - High Neb - Bole Hill - Yorkshire Bridge

Map of the route

It was 2am and my alarm clock was going off all ready so I could be ready for Mark picking me up and meeting Ray at the Yorkshire Bridge. When we arrived Ray was already there, ready to set off walking. So we quickly got ready and at 3.30am we were ready  to set off on the biggest challenge of the year. We had a tough start with the very steep ascent of Win Hill via Parkin Clough, as we made are way under a clear sky everyone was walking with a sprig in there step looking forward to the day ahead. Not long after setting off Mark shouted up for us to wait as he had for got his camera, so he had the joy of quickly walking back down to the car to fetch it. When he rejoined us we made are way to the summit of Win Hill.

From the summit we had to keep are eyes open for a stile, to take us down through Twitchill Farm to start are second ascent of the day of  Lose Hill. As we made are way through the fields the sky started changing colour with little patches of red coming through. One good thing about walking in the dark is you can't see how steep the hills are, before we knew it we was at the summit of Lose Hill

The next part of the walk was along the great ridge waiting for the sun to rise, with the clear skies the three of us were hoping to be in a prime position for a fantastic sun rise. We pushed on passing a few photographer's out early. Its not very often you get this ridge to yourself.

From the summit of Mam Tor we dropped down to the road to pic up the path leading on to Rushup Edge just in time for the sun rise. With the sun shining it gave sum tired eyes a pic me up, but this would be short lived as the light brought the fog  just in time for the pathless boggy section to Brown Knoll.

We stopped for are first brake at the end of Rushup Edge to fuel up and put are gaiters on to tackle the tricky section to Brown Knoll.

After no sleep this was a tough section with the fog down it was still like walking in the dark and this took its toll on Mark. He was wondering if he could keep going and complete this massive challenge on NO sleep what so ever. We reached Edale Cross and  it was decision time as this is the only point he could cut it short and after a short discussion he decided enough was enough. He would drop down into Edale to get the train back. Down beat Me and Ray started the short climb up to Kinder Low.

Following the edge around to Kinder Downfall we stopped to have a quick look at the waterfall when we herd someone shout us, as we looked around we saw Mark sprinting along to catch us up. He had sat down for 5min running the route through his head and decided he could do it. Having done a tough section of the walk and the next section would be easy along the Pennine Way.

Descending Kinder Scout we dropped out of the fog and views started to open up. All three of us were walking well at this point and the flag stone path was helping tick the miles off at a good pace. We stayed on the Pennine Way all the way to Bleaklow Head. Where we saw 4 people ask a walker for some directions, I heard them say they had come from the Woodhead Pass to see the plane crash on Higher Shelf Stones but on the way back had gone to the Snake Pass instead and needed directions back to there car. Some people just make you laff, one of them was in his Sunday best.

From Bleaklow Head we had to cut across the moors following the stakes to Bleaklow Stones where we stopped for are second brake. Me and Mark knew what was coming and wasn't looking forward to the worst part of the walk. We took in as much food and water in as we could to make sure we got across this section to Outer Edge with out an accident.

Ray had never done this section of the walk before so we told him it was going to be 6 miles of hell the endless bog trotting weaving in and out of the gully's. I thought knowing what was coming it would be a little easier for Me and Mark but how wrong was I. About half way across Ray the little chatter box went silent so we knew he was finding it hard as well, even the dogs seamed to be feed up of jumping over the bogs. Eventually the trig point on Outer Edge came into view, this made us feel a bit better but it was still along way till we would hit the flag stones.

The going got a little easier as we made are way across Howden Edge but are tired legs and minds forgot that we had to leave the path and cut across the moors to avoid dropping down into Abbey Brook, this dint go down to well with Ray as his little toe was taking a pounding on the decent then we had to make up the loss in height on the other side.

Back Tor looks a long way from here.

The sun was setting as we got back on track hitting the flag stone path of Cartledge Stones Ridge. We all was very disappointed that we would be finishing the rest of this walk in the dark. Back Tor was are final stop which gave us the chance to get are head torches out to finish the walk in the dark. We kept this stop short as i could feel my legs starting to seize up.

The path was good along Derwent Edge giving us the chance to try and gain some of the time lost back and before we new it we pick up the path taking us towards Moscar House. The last part of this path was tricky to navigate in the dark with tired legs kicking the boulders so we had to use the sat nav to make it easier. We dint want to make any mistakes as we all was ready for this walk to be over. With only a short section left on Stanage we followed the path taking us below Stanage Edge down to the car park at Dennis Knoll.

All that was left for us to do know was to follow the road back to the car eventually arriving back 18hrs 20mins after setting off, we was hoping the gps reading would give us that magic 40mile. We was surprised when the reading came in at 43miles and 7500 feet of ascent. The whole group was proud of are achievement, Me even more so of the dogs getting around and still going strong at the end.

An amazing challenge that all 3 of us will remember!!

You can see all the pics I took on the day on my blog Facebook site its a public profile so feel free to comment and join me on there. Just click the link below


  1. I hope you've all recovered OK. Amazing determination and and an amazing achievement. Congratulations. Really really well done. Tracey

  2. Thanks we all recovered weel and looking forward to the 4 Inns at the end of the month. Anythin you think i can improve my blog with thanks again for reading!

  3. Congratulations on the walk,but a brake is break unless you are slowing down,and dint is irritating and you have three things wrong in your sentence above, weel,i and anythin.

  4. Thanks for the feed back, I'm trying to work on my spelling as I know it's not great. Hope you still enjoyed reading my trip report.

  5. Only just come across your blog, are you still active? I too have a mountain Boxer - Dixie - who has her own blog. she did the Pennine Way with me a couple of years ago. Pop over and compare Boxers if you have a moment!