Peak District - East Moor and the Nine Ladies 11/02/2012

Distance - 21.5miles
Ascent - 2557feet
Time - 8hrs 25mins

Route - Robin Hood Pub - Dobb Edge - Chatsworth House - D V H Way - Nine Ladies - Cork Stone - Two Dales - Back Lane - Fallinge Edge - Hob Hurst's House - Gibbet Moor - Back to the car

Map of the route

Only living 15minutes drive from the start of this walk but it's an area that i have never walked before, so i was looking forward to seeing a new area. From the Robin Hood Pub car park we turned right and had a short road walk to some steep icy steeps that were nearly impossible to descend. Luckily we managed to get down with out falling over. As we climbed onto Dobb Edge the sun was just starting to rise.

Following Dobb Edge around to the Hunting Tower there are some fantastic views over the grounds of Chatsworth. Some of the paths were just sheets of ice and as we descended the steps down to Chatsworth House we were struggling to keep on are feet and this would be the story of the day.

Picking up the Derwent Vally Heritage Way we followed the path running through the Chatsworth Estate. It was a surprise to be the only people out walk, this must be the first. I have never seen it like this but it did make the walk so much better.

Keeping next to the river we followed it all the way to Rowsley, where we would make are way through the field's towards Stanton Moor to find the Nine Ladies stone circle. A place a have been wanting to visit for some time, so to do it on a 21 mile walk made it all the better. Before heading down into Two Dales I climbed the Cork Stone while Mark sorted are route down  to the village. Apart from an eventful decent down a very icy track which had some spectators waiting for us to fall over cheering us as we kept are feet.

Theres not much to see as this is the boring part of the walk so it was just a matter of getting our heads down and ticking the miles off until we reached Fallinge Edge. With no path to follow we had to make are own way through the knee high bracken. We soon hit the road and was making are ascent to Hob Hursts House, theres not much to see but there is a big information board telling you all about it.

With the sun starting to set there was not much left to do apart from following the well defined icy path all the way back to the car. We was just saying how well we had done not to fall over as i slipped only just managing to stay up with a hand on the ground. That was a close call.

A great walk that takes in most things that the area has to offer.

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