Peak District - Derwentdale Watershed 07/01/2012

Distance - 25miles
Ascent - 2300feet
Time - 10hrs 15min

Route - Ladybower Inn - Whinstone Lee Tor - Back Tor - Abby Brook - Howden Edge - Margery Hill - Outer Edge - Swains Head - Bleaklow Stones - The Ridge - Alport Castles - Rowlee Pasture - Crookhill Farm - Ladybower Inn

We arrived at the Ladybower in darkness around 7.15am, a quick change into are walk gear and head torches on we set of walking at 7.30am. I had been wanting to do this route for a while and was looking forward to the challenge. The wind was not that bad a low level but as we started to ascend Whinstone Lee Tor it got stronger and made hard going across Derwent Edge. As it was getting lighter there was no sign of us getting a good sun rise picture but we kept checking and out of no where got one only for a few min's before the sun went behind the clouds.

We headed to the trig point on Back Tor for some shelter out of the wind and for a few snacks. Putting on a few extra layers as this would be the last bit of shelter for some time. Following the path towards Round Hill so that we could maintain height looking for a good crossing point of Abbey Brook then on to Howden Edge.

As we reached Howden Edge the wind had gained force and i for one was having trouble to walk with out being blown over. It was hard going and we even said if the wind did not die down we would have to cut the walk short. Mark found it hard to stay on this rock for long enough to get the pic, he must have been blow over half a dozen times.

The fun was about to start as we had the long path of bog trotting from Margey Hill past Outer Edge to Bleaklow Stones. This was hard work as we was forever jumping over bogs trying to avoid getting stuck. All was going well till i got both feet stuck and fell back sitting in a very big bog. So much fun getting wet on a cold windy day.

As we made way bog trotting some lage rocks came into view which we thought must be Bleaklow Stone, so we upped the pace with the thought of a rest from the wind and to get some food. As we got closer some more rocks came into view in the disstance and we soon realised that the rocks closest to us were Barrow Stones. This knocked the wind out of are sails as Bleaklow Stones looked so far away. The more we walked the further then semt to get away. We finaly made it running on empty we both was ready for the brake to get some food.

All fueled up we set off at a fantastic pace down the Ridge towards the trig point on West End Moor. A good path making it easyier to get going. We quickly arrived at the trig point and could not believe how quick we had got there.

All the hard work had been done as from here it was a good path to the top of Alport Castles. Then on to the flag stone path where the wind was blowing a gail and once again we wa finding it hard to walk with out getting blow over. Just after Rowlee Pature we ran out of day light and had to finish the last few miles with our head tourch.

We arrived back at the car shattered but very happy about completing a big walk like this in the 1st week in January. A great challenging walk with some of the best parts of the Peak District.


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    1. Thanks Bill, i will do just trying to get mine set up how i want it to look, any advice when you return will be great thanks Daniel

  2. The full Watershed is a lot longer than that. A good day walk you did. Good photos too. Bill is right. But I would say blog when you have something good to share, connect with others blogs, use twitter and dont assume gear post drive traffic to a blog alone.

    Also check your i and I and check spelling on big posts. Little touches that make a blog stand out. I wish you all the best in the blogging world.

  3. the walk I did was out of a challenge walks guide and was called Derwentdale Watershed the Derwent Watershed is a differant challenge walk wich is just over 40miles. Thanks for pointing that out trying to work on my spelling and grammer. Thanks for viewing my blog