Peak District - A Day For Remembering 12/11/2011

Distance - 14 miles
Ascent - 3215 feet
Time - 7hrs

Route - Car park Snake pass summit lay by - Pennine Way - Doctors Gate - Ashton Clough - James's Thorn - Higher Shelf Stones - Dowstone Clough - Edge Plantation - Cock Hill - Torside Castle - Pennine Way - Bleaklow Head - Alport Head - The Ridge - Hern Clough - Pennine Way - Back to car

Map of the route

With it been a week end for remembering I decided to do a 14mile walk around Bleaklow from the Snake Pass sumit I arrived there early to beet the crowds as I thought it mite get busy around the crash site on higher shelf stones. With a sky like this when I was ready to set off walking i new it was going to be a good day for it.

I set off along the pennine way and picked up the doctors gate path which I followed down as I was going to make my accent via Ashton Clough.


which has a plane crash in a few big bit to see but if that’s not your thing it still is a great scramble will some small waterfalls to scramble up make for great fun with all the rain we have had, from here I went to the top of  James’s Thorn were there is a small memorial with the names of the people that lost there lives.


From here a made my way over to the main crash site which is on higher shelf stones the amount of wreckage that is up there is amazing and the size of the site just takes your breath away.


From here a took a compass bearing to pic up the path along Dowstone Clough which follows the fence line leading  down by Yellow slacks  this is a great little path with great views all the way down into the vally


My next target  was the trig point on Cock hill this is a great accent and great views all around and as yet I have had all the moors to myself so it was great, but you do pay a small price for having the moors to your self by getting off the beaten track as the paths are not great and some time non existant but it is well worth it.


But from here I headed over to the pennine way where the path would be a lot better which a followed to Bleaklow Head but then I was of the track again heading over to bleaklow stones  from here I followed one of the cloughs down to the path that runs along Hern Clough back to the pennine way then back to the car.

14miles  and 7hrs of bog trotting but still a great day

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